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Home & Building

In recent years the term Home & Building has come to describe the technologies deployed in residential rooms and buildings in which networked devices and systems help enhance the quality of living, safety and efficient energy use levels. Common alternative names for Home & Building include "smart home", "intelligent living", "eHome" and "smart living".

The continuing digitalization and networking of nearly all areas of human experience are leading to changes in the home environment which are resulting in turn in new possibilities for living and working. Home & Building technology is an integral element in the efforts to create sustainable infrastructure development and to improve the quality of life in the urban environment. This includes such aspects as the economy, the domestic and working environments, the social environment, assisted mobility and interaction with the authorities. Home & Building is about integrating and using information and telecommunication technologies in the domestic environment to open up a new world of experience and to make existing entertainment, comfort, energy management, health and safety activities more cost-efficient or convenient.


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