Core Safety & Information Technologies
Fundamental & comprehensive safety

DKE  German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE
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DKE working area: Core Safety & Information Technologies


Core Safety & Information Technologies at DKE focuses on important interdisciplinary topics and defines fundamental, general compliance requirements, for instance, for electromagnetic compatibility, environmental and resource efficiency, harmful substances, sizes, units and markings.

The information and communication systems, which are essential for all other departments, are particularly important. Core Safety covers all aspects of security: fundamental security requirements, functional safety, information security and their interactions.

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Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap

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pinkeyes /
2022-12-09 publication

The objective of the German Artificial Intelligence (AI) Standardization Roadmap is to provide recommendations for action for standardization regarding all AI topics because, in Germany and Europe, it is considered one of the key technologies for future competitiveness in every sector.

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Funding project MessLeha

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2022-01-14 project

The project MessLeha analyses measurement methods and environments for the characterization of fast switching power semiconductors and develops a machine-readable datasheet suitable for all simulation tools.

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