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2022-12-09 publication

Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap

The objective of the German Artificial Intelligence (AI) Standardization Roadmap is to provide recommendations for action for standardization regarding all AI topics because, in Germany and Europe, it is considered one of the key technologies for future competitiveness in every sector. The EU assumes that the economy in the coming years will grow significantly with the help of AI. This makes the recommendations in the standardization roadmap even more important as they are supposed to strengthen the German economy and science in international AI competition, create innovation-friendly conditions and build trust in the technologies.

A second version of the Artificial Intelligence Standardization Roadmap has now been published.

Core topics of the standardization roadmap

In addition to the increasing relevance of artificial intelligence, full consensus standardization is of a similarly high importance that spans back hundreds of years. Without standardization, neither the compatible, safe use of technology nor the implementation of regulations in various areas of life would be possible. Norms and standards are necessary for AI systems to work safely and reliably for us. The transfer of technology must be promoted, technical requirements for the robustness and reliability of AI systems must be defined and compliance with European values must be supported while simultaneously using AI. The standardization roadmap lays the groundwork for this development. It implements an essential measure of the Federal Government’s AI Strategy by providing references to important norms and standards, highlighting areas with an urgent need for action and paves the way for "AI - Made in Germany”.

Dr. Sebastian Hallensleben
Standardization Roadmap Artificial Intelligence - preview

Important core and cross-sectional topics of the AI Standardization Roadmap are the basic principles of ethics/responsible AI, quality, conformity assessment and certification, IT security, industrial automation, mobility and logistics, and AI in medicine.

What is AI allowed to do? A question the ethics/responsible AI department addresses. Quality, conformity assessment and certification deal with quality criteria to make high-quality AI recognizable. The IT security serves to implement necessary security requirements and, with respect to industrial automation, the potential of AI in industrial processes and production is illustrated. Mobility and logistics serves to implement the safe use of AI for all road users and AI in medicine introduces new opportunities for prevention, diagnostics and therapy in medical sectors using AI.

Since practicable AI has to be linked to other IT components, focus is placed on considering it in the context of other digitalization trends.

About the objective and significance of the standardization roadmap

The objective of standardization roadmaps is to inform the stakeholders in the respective subject area of important basic requirements and assist them in meeting them. To achieve this, standardization roadmaps provide an overview of the respective technology topic, in this case artificial intelligence, and the related standardization landscape and its organizational and content-related further development.

For artificial intelligence, standardization roadmaps also allow for the systematic processing of convergent technologies (complex cross-committee topics) and act as a basis for discussion and exchange between the experts from various domains (e.g. automotive, IT, energy). They thus provide for better understanding because they provide all of the participants the same foundation and offer new committee members a subject-related introduction.

Particularly with respect to important subject areas like artificial intelligence, standardization roadmaps emphasizes the need for early development and the significance of the topic of full consensus standardization.

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