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That was electrotechnical standardization 2023!

2023-12-18 short info

We look back on a year that was full of energy. Energy that made the earth tremble and brought terrible misfortune; and energy reserves that kept us warm throughout the winter; renewable energies that accounted for more than 53% of the electricity fed into the grid in Germany in the first half of the year 2023 – and the energy of people committed to the big issues of the future as well as the small ones at their own doorstep.

Our year was also full of energy, in which we not only developed standards for the changing energy sector, but also achieved numerous results in electrotechnical standardization in all of our other spheres of activity.

The DKE stands for #listening, #sharing, #shaping and #respect – for a better future!

2023 review

That was electrotechnical standardization 2022!

2022-12-16 short info

With our review of events that took place in 2022, we outline a year that will go down in the history. The corona virus as the dominant topic was overshadowed by the war in Ukraine. The resulting energy crisis is also having an impact on standardization, while challenging us to cooperate even more intensively – especially on an international scale. 

In the past twelve months we achieved numerous results in electrotechnical standardization. Among them are several with which we are paving the way for renewable energies and thus helping to achieve our stated climate targets.

We share with you the highlights and look back at what we have achieved together through solidarity, motivation and consensus.

2022 review

That was electrotechnical standardization 2021!

2021-12-08 short info

Our open community and dedicated professionals have enabled us to achieve a "new normal" in 2021. Despite ongoing challenges from the Corona pandemic, we were able to work together to achieve a variety of important outcomes through a hybrid mix of analog and digital formats. For example, the first AI standard and important plans such as that of a Circular Economy standardization roadmap were developed.

Convenience and safety have also been increased by new regulations in the area of electromobility or the payment system at the charging station. In addition, important cooperations have been expanded. For example, DIN and DKE founded both the Artificial Intelligence Joint Committee and the new Cybersecurity Committee.

We proudly looked back on this and more in our 2021 highlights.

2021 review

That was electrotechnical standardization 2020!

2020-12-14 short info

The highlights of Standardization 2020 have shown once again that we can build on everyone's support - a gift that has decisively strengthened DKE and standardization. The year 2020 demanded a lot from us. Catapulted into the world of online meetings, it offered us in standardization new challenges and opportunities, which - driven by expertise, speed and curiosity for new, more sustainable and efficient future technologies - we were able to successfully master and exploit. During hybrid events and online sessions, for example, the first VDE SPECs were published alongside standards and drafts. In addition, the new standardization roadmaps for Home & Building and Artificial Intelligence provided secure guardrails.

2020 review

We have achieved this in previous years:

The most important milestones of the year summarized in our respective annual review.

In the past as a DKE Annual Report - today in a contemporary form on the web.