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"We shape framework conditions for the future!"
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"Standards pave the way to the All Electric Society."

DKE  German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE
Merianstraße 28
63069 Offenbach am Main

Phone: +49 69 6308-0
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E-Mail: dke@vde.com

We promote innovation.
For Germany as a strong business location.

We provide the platform for electrotechnical standardization projects!

The first electrotechnical safety regulation was issued more than a hundred years ago. Today, experts working in or with the DKE collaborate to create standards that guarantee the safety of electrical products and systems.

As a competence centre for electrotechnical standardization, we represent German interests in European and international standardization organizations.

Our standardization roadmaps

With the wealth of knowledge contained in our roadmaps, you will be equipped with all the information on relevant electrical engineering issues and innovations that you need to reach your goal.

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We ensure high comfort, safety and progress levels.
For everybody.

We set international standards.
For global markets.


We achieve great things together.
For an e-deal future.

All Electric Society - With positive energy bringing people and technologies together. 

The All Electric Society is a vision for a carbon neutral and sustainable developing world in which renewable energy sources cover its energy demand.

DKE is committed to this vision and is preparing the ground for the application of safe, internationally harmonised and interconnected technologies through standards and specifications drawn up in its standardization committees.

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We are your platform.
For our dedicated community.

Lächelnder Businessman mit Team

Technical Experts

Lächelnder Businessman mit Team

DKE's knowledge base consists of more than 9,000 experts without who we would not be able to do our work. They deploy all of their skills and expertise to assist the committees which discuss and decide upon future standards. With their contributions, our experts add to creating safe and interoperable products and systems, and they pave the way for new and international markets.

Junger lächelnder Elektriker mit Bündel Drähten über der Schulter

Standard Users

Junger lächelnder Elektriker mit Bündel Drähten über der Schulter

Standard users are the final consumers and a significant element of our standardization work. They are the ones who raise a standard to its full potential and give it its full meaning.

Through the use of standards both blue and white collar workers get the most out of their daily working routine. Standardized equipment and systems are safer to use and interoperable, and they are much easier to install and operate. This leads to high-quality work and reliable personal protection.

At the same time, standards provide clear-cut requirements and guidelines in order to bring about faster and improved project execution which eventually increases customer satisfaction.

Portrait of an entrepreneur


Portrait of an entrepreneur

With their specific expertise, entrepreneurs contribute substantially to the development of standards. By employing their bundled competence they deliver sustained support for standardizations and build the foundation for future developments. Their businesses support the distribution of standards and drive the network and visibility of standardization forward. Last not least, standards provide entrepreneurs with massive competitive advantages. Examples include lower costs and increased sales as well as the reduction of trade barriers.

Business people in the office


Business people in the office

One of our prominent objectives is to leverage our competence in order to support spin-offs and start-ups of young businesses. This is because they frequently depend on standards to be able to launch and successfully carry out their innovative projects.

Portrait of young employee

Young Professionals

Portrait of young employee

Next Generation DKE is the next generation network which covers all topics around DKE's future standardization ambitions. The objective we follow is to specifically involve more students and young professionals in future standardization processes of DKE and the pertaining committees. Moreover, we will use our “Science-to-Standards” program (STS) to support students and help them with their research and final papers.

politician EU - Foto


politician EU - Foto

Standardization has a positive impact on many areas of interest in politics. It is a strategic tool for achieving the objectives of German and European legislation under the "German Standardization Strategy" and EU Regulation 1025/2012 on European standardization.

Making standardization fit for the future!


Interested in finding out about the structure of the DKE, its history, basic principles, how it works or the members of the steering committees?

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