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Standards & Specifications

Innovative electrotechnical products simplify our lives. New overarching technologies such as electric cars and smart home technology are rapidly changing our everyday lives.  We want to enjoy progress and experience safety in every situation in life, whether at work or in our leisure time. We achieve this through standardization.

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Basics of Standardization

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To be able to comprehend the fundamentals and basic principles of standardization, only a few aspects need to be understood. Below you will find an overview of this basics.

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History of Standardization

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Starting with the foundation of standardization organizations to the first German industrial standards through to current developments with a view to the future. Many significant events tell the history of standardization and continue to write it today.

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Standardization and policy: Together and for the benefit of people

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Standardization policy-related action is what makes the development process of standards and specifications possible in the first place. Its purpose is to disseminate, improve and fully demonstrate the extensive benefits of standards and specifications for society, economy, science and state.

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Importance of Standardization – Benefit and Advantages


Standards are of great benefit – that applies nationally, in Europe and internationally. Standards are of major significance for consumers and users as well as for commerce, science and the state as they ensure innovative technologies and increased safety for society.

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Making standardization fit for the future!

Reach your goal with the expertise of our roadmaps

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With the wealth of knowledge contained in our roadmaps, you will be equipped with all the information on relevant electrical engineering issues and innovations that you need to reach your goal.

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