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With positive energy bringing people and technologies together. For the All Electric Society. For a future worth living.

DKE German Commission

When we capture the energy from the sun wherever it rises and sets over so that people can have comfortable homes and we can all live in green cities.

When we use the power of the wind no matter where it blows and bring its energy to where it is needed the most or store it to make it available at any time.

When we connect nature's energy in all its forms to reduce carbon emissions, to protect the environment, climate and nature, to supply businesses, to secure jobs and ensure prosperity for our society, to enable a future worth living with affordable energy for all.

We can pave the way for the All Electric Society only by working together on these goals.

DKE contributes to this purpose as a hub for technical knowledge and a forum involving experts and other stakeholders. DKE fosters the flow of energy and information among previously separate sectors through the advancement of electrotechnical and IT standardisation.

On the path to achieve an All Electric Society

Climate change along with its devastating consequences is one of the greatest challenges for our society and our economy and jeopardizes the quality of life of every person on our planet.

The All Electric Society is a science-based vision for a carbon neutral and sustainable world in which renewable energy sources cover its energy demand. It is fundamental for the implementation of this vision to achieve a widespread electrification, digitalisation and automation of all sectors of our economy and society (industry, buildings, mobility, infrastructure, energy) and to build up the related networking and connections.

Our economy, our society and our world are already on the right path to an All Electric Society. DKE is committed to this vision of the future as the German independent association for electrotechnical standardisation. DKE's standardisation committees led by volunteering experts lay the groundwork for the application of safe, internationally harmonised and interconnected technologies in norms and standards.

Sector coupling and interconnection of technology

The coupling of essential technology areas which were once separate from each other allows for the exchange of energy and information. So can carbon neutral energy be made available wherever and whenever it is needed and be used most efficiently. Standardised interfaces are essential to support this exchange among sectors.

AES sector coupling

Coupling and interconnection of previously separate sectors


Our path to the All Electric Society up to 2030

Our vision up to 2030

The all-electric society – the scientifically-based vision of a carbon-neutral and sustainably developing world whose energy needs are met entirely by renewable electricity.

Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons

Our mission up to 2030

The comprehensive electrification, digitalization and automation of all sectors of our economy and society (industry, buildings, traffic, infrastructure, energy) and the networking and integration that comes with this.

Wind turbines with illustrations regarding the internet of things

Our targets up to 2030

  1. We are creating the architectural framework for the all-electric society
  2. The DKE drives forward the networking of interest groups worldwide for the standardization of a sustainable energy system
  3. The DKE creates the organisational framework and proactively exploits the opportunities of digitalization
A team joining their hands

Our priorities up to 2030

Standards create trust, ensure quality and increase safety. This is crucial in a world where everything is increasingly electric and digital. This has consequences for standardization, because it, too, must become more digital. A key focus of the DKE in achieving its vision of an all-electric society is therefore on the digitalization of standards and SMART standards.

Compass Digital Transformation

Commitment 2030


DKE Commitment 2030

With a key focus on the digitization of standardization, we are creating the architectural framework for achieving the vision of an All Electric Society. We are driving the networking of stakeholders worldwide for the standardization of a sustainable energy system and also provide the organizational framework for this.

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