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Next Generation DKE

is the network of the next generation on all topics concerning the future of standardization at DKE.

Inspired by the IEC Young Professional Programme, DKE has launched the "Next Generation DKE" initiative with the aim of strengthening the influence of young people in DKE.


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The point of contact for young standard setters

Next Generation DKE is a community for young professionals, students and everyone interested in participating in the standardization process. Inspired by the Young Professionals Programme of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Next Generation DKE offers a large portfolio including entry-level assistance, training, workshops and support programs for its members.

Since the community is spread all over Germany, our members have the opportunity of networking, and to present standardization projects and discuss topics of electrotechnical standardization.

In addition to gaining insights into the exciting national and international world of standardization, contacts with experts in many specialized fields are also promoted. Members can also actively participate in organizing the Next Generation DKE, e.g. by submitting project proposals or in presenting their field of work as voluntary topic representatives.

Get to know us!

You are interested in joining us, or you would like to know more about our program? Just contact us and together we will discuss your goals and your opportunities to participate, and we will provide you with all further information you need.