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Next Generation DKE Standardization Regulars' Table

2023-02-10 review of event

Next Generation DKE Standardization Regulars' Table: On the importance of conformity assessment and international cooperation

Learning online about a new and exciting topic in a relaxed after-work environment and networking with like-minded people? This opportunity is available to participants of the popular standardization regulars' table of the Next Generation DKE.

Alena Widder
Conformity Assessment
Raymond Puppan
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Young professionals from Germany and France come together

The 14th regulars' table on standardization to kick off the year 2023 was a very special event, as it was the first bilateral regulars' table held in cooperation of DKE with AFNOR-CEF (Association Française de Normalisation - Comité Electrotechnique Français) and young professionals from Germany and France. The motto of the evening was: Conformity assessment and international cooperation - that fits!

After a warm welcome by Mareen Tiedemann, who is the moderator of the regulars' table, the group had time to get to know each other. Afterwards, the group moved on to the content part of the meeting, which inspired the participants to a lively discussion.

What is conformity assessment and why is it so important?

Guest speaker Pierre Selva, who has more than 30 years of experience in standardization and currently works at Schneider Electrics, gave the participants interesting insights into the topic of conformity assessment. He explained the benefits and impact of conformity assessment on the safety, energy efficiency, reliability and sustainability of the products we use every day. He also addressed the interplay between conformity assessment, market surveillance and standardization, emphasizing how good interaction promotes the opening of markets and adaptation to European standards. At the same time, he drew attention to the risks of non-compliant products and the increasing ageing of electronic equipment installed decades ago in European households.

After a lively exchange and many in-depth questions, the first bilateral regulars' table ended with a big thank you to the guest speaker Pierre Selva. The successful cooperation between DKE and AFNOR is to be continued in the future and paves the way for further bilateral standardization regulars' tables.

The regular’s table as a tool to support national YP program

The regulars‘ table was founded in the beginning of 2021. Since then, it has found its fixed place in the heart of the German Next Generation DKE program. How to use the format of the regulars’ table to foster networking, learning and having fun, is part of the „Dreamguide“ project, Mareen is leading on international level as IEC YP Leader

The regulars' table team - Annette, Mareen and Alena - are looking forward to the continuation of the German-language regulars' table on March 14 with Luzie Kromer and an insight into the work of the German Standards Panel! 

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