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2023-04-18 publication

Industry 4.0 Standardization Roadmap

The objective of the German Industry 4.0 Standardization Roadmap is to inform the stakeholders in the respective area of important basic requirements and to assist in meeting them. To this end, the current state of standardization and the existing gaps in standardization in the area of Industry 4.0 are determined and addressed

Core topics of the standardization roadmap

Over the years, important challenges and developments have crystallized in the field of Industry 4.0. These challenges and developments are determined and addressed in the Industry 4.0 Standardization Roadmap.

Dr. Marvin Böll
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Standardization Roadmap I40 - Cover Version 5

Important core and cross-sectional topics of the Industry 4.0 Standardization Roadmap include, among others, reference architecture models, use cases, systems and their properties, data protection and privacy, functional security and artificial intelligence.

To this end, the standardization roadmap illustrates the current state of standardization and the existing gaps in standardization in the area of Industry 4.0. For each case in which standardization is needed, recommendations for action are provided to make current and future work in the field of Industry 4.0 easier for affected stakeholders.

About the objective and significance of the standardization roadmap

The objective of standardization roadmaps is to inform the stakeholders in the respective subject area of important basic requirements and assist them in meeting them. To achieve this, standardization roadmaps provide an overview of the respective technology topic, in this case Industry 4.0, and the related standardization landscape and its organizational and content-related further development.

For Industry 4.0, standardization roadmaps also allow for the systematic processing of convergent technologies (cross-committee complex topics) and act as a basis for discussion and exchange between the experts from various domains (e.g. automotive, IT, energy). They thus provide for better understanding because they provide all of the participants the same foundation and offer new committee members a subject-related introduction.

Particularly with respect to important subject areas like Industry 4.0, standardization roadmaps emphasizes the need for early development and the significance of the topic of full consensus standardization.

Recommended figures from the standardization roadmap

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Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution and holds huge value-added potential of over 200 billion euros in Germany alone.

DKE has been working for years with over 800 technical experts on building the foundations of the future of industry because Industry 4.0 needs networking, safety, communication, intelligence and trust – for technological progress, economic success and safety for people and the environment.

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What is a standardization roadmap?

The 6 most important facts about standardization roadmaps

Reasons for standardization roadmaps

Reasons for standardization roadmaps


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