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Decentralized & digitally into the future

2018-05-29 TOP

Standards foster the innovative development of tomorrow’s energy supply, so as to maintain a most efficient distribution and economic use.

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Electric & urban mobility

2020-07-29 TOP

Mobility standardization means powering up the electromobility market sectors. Tomorrow’s mobility will be flexible, ecological and efficient.

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Production networking & automation

2018-04-06 TOP

Highly diverse systems will have to communicate and interact. In order to achieve this, interfaces will be tailored to international standards.

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Secure & innovative information systems

2020-07-29 page TOP

Standards anchor the standardization of requirements, so that involved systems may interact and coordinate across industry borders.

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Healthy & active through technology

2020-07-29 TOP

Health manages health technologies and the services that go with it. Setting up standards accordingly is the foundation of this development.

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Safety & efficiency for higher quality of life

Home & Building
2020-07-29 TOP

Standards make smart homes interoperable, so that interconnected devices and systems increase the quality and safety of life and make the use of energy more efficient.

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