DKE Technology

DKE Technology is one of the three organizational pillars of DKE. DKE Technology combines classical standardization work with innovative project work that precedes, accompanies, supports or evaluates concrete standardization work. In the synergy of both - project and committee work - we see the basis for future-oriented standardization and for the further development of our service portfolio. DKE Technology is divided into seven fields of activity. The standardization committees are assigned to these thematically, as are the specific projects.

Wolfgang Niedziella

Core Safety & Information Technologies

Core Safety & Information Technologies at DKE focuses on important interdisciplinary topics and defines fundamental, general compliance requirements, for instance, for electromagnetic compatibility.

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Energy comprises systems and products along the entire power supply chain; from electricity production to transport and distribution to the consumer, who may also be a producer.

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Home & Building

Home & Building at DKE deals with all electrical products and systems that are used in homes, offices and small commercial premises or in adjoining outdoor areas.

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Mobility at DKE focuses on a wide range of demands in modern society with respect to mobility and transport. The topic includes all transport sectors.

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Industry at DKE focuses on systems and products used in the industrial sector. The central topic here is automation.

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Cybersecurity at DKE focuses on security in information and communications technology. The IT security field of action in the cybersecurity department is being expanded to include all of cyberspace.

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Health at DKE focuses on healthcare technologies and the related services. Health and technology are tightly interwoven.

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Components & Technologies

Components & Technologies focuses on parts, components and materials that are installed and used in a wide variety of end products.

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