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2023-07-18 short info

DKE wins an EU grant on standards project for semiconductors in terms of security, authenticity and reliability

DKE, Germany's national standardisation organisation for electrotechnology, won the grant to the European Commission call SMP-STAND-2022-ESOS-02-IBA in the field of European Standardisation for its “Topic 1 - 2022-STA Standards for the certification of chips in terms of security, authenticity, reliability”. The work will be conducted under the umbrella of CEN and CENELEC, two of the European Standardization Organizations officially recognized by the EU regulation 1025 on European standardization.

Stipe Mandic

Since the EU proposal for a Chips Act was published end of 2021, European Standards for semiconductors were on DKE radar:  with the electrification, digitalization and the energy transition, semiconductors are a topic of importance for the electrotechnical community and even more in Germany which has over 50% of Europe’s microelectronics production. Hence, under the impulse of DKE and without waiting for the grant, a first CEN and CENELEC stakeholders’ workshop was already organized in December 2022. The aim was to gather interested European stakeholders and prepare the grounds for the future work to come. Learn more about the workshop’s discussions and access the stakeholders’ workshop presentations.

With DKE lead, we can now continue the discussions in the frame of the grant and kick-off the work for future standards development. The aim of this project is strengthening the European semiconductor field and connecting European stakeholders in this area. A standardization roadmap is expected which identifies market gaps, market needs and concrete actions for the future. The results are foreseen in a timeframe of 2 years.

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Join the DKE Stakeholder Workshop on Semiconductors in Frankfurt

To kick-off the development of a standardization roadmap on secure chips, DKE invites you to a stakeholder workshop that you can join online or in person in Frankfurt, Germany, November 13, 2023. The workshop is open to anyone interested in joining a group of experts, developing industry wide standards for secure reliable and trusted chips. The event is held in English.

Join the event

Next workshop will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, during the IEC TC 47 on Semiconductors’ plenary meeting week. More information on the workshop will be added in the coming months. However, should you be interested in joining the working group, you can already contact DKE Project Manager Stipe Mandic .

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