Origin of 2019 electrotechnical standards

Relevance of international standardization

Electrotechnical standardization is of great importance at the international level. It enables a globally uniform set of standards to be established. This defines a state of the art that is recognized worldwide.


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Anteil internationaler Normen - Diagramm

Proportion of standards based on international standards

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The great significance of international standardization is demonstrated by the fact that over 80 % of electrotechnical standards already published in Germany are international in origin.

Thanks to our effective representation of German interests, we - the DKE - have a good reputation as the German Committee in IEC and CENELEC. Our committees and their technical experts collaborate closely with the standardization organizations IEC, CENELEC and ETSI in order to promote and support internationally oriented standardization work in the best possible way. A total of 9,000 experts are currently contributing to the standardization work of these organizations on behalf of the DKE.

International cooperation

Of the approximately 9,000 DKE experts currently working with CENELEC, IEC and ETSI, around 1,250 are active in IEC and 550 in CENELEC. Some of them hold an important position. We provide a large number of chairpersons and secretaries within these organizations.

DKE-Experten in CENELEC und IEC - Bild

DKE experts hold leading positions in CENELEC and IEC| DKE

  • 25 % of all IEC chairpersons and 19 % of all secretaries come from the DKE.
  • 28 % of chairpersons are DKE members. Around 36 % of the experts hold the post of secretary.
  • It is tacitly agreed that the German experts constitute a welcome and vital part of the international and European standardization community. They actively support and shape the standardization work.

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