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Our technical experts

The great importance of reliable, technically competent and committed experts for standardization work is undisputed. Without these, standardization would not be possible.


Wolfgang Niedziella

These are outstanding experts who support and promote standardization work in every respect. No matter from which profession they come, be they technician or engineer, no matter from which parts and sectors of the economy they come – together they deliver unrivalled work and thus contribute to the success of electrotechnical standardization, both in Germany and internationally. They carry out an important task for the benefit of society.

International commitment

Individual experts hold honorary yet responsible positions at the national, European and international levels:


Dr. Bernhard Thies


Dr. Bernhard Thies: CENELEC President and former VDE DKE Managing Director.

Dr. Thies has been active in national, European and international standardization for many years, including as head of the CEN/CLC/ETSI External Relations Committee. He worked as a management director in industry for eight years before joining the DKE management team, where he was CEO for ten years from 2007.

Dr. Ralph Sporer - Portrait

Dr. Ralph Sporer


Dr. Ralph Sporer: Chairman of the Standardization Management Board (SMB).

With a three year term of office, Dr. Sporer is SMB Chairman and thus also IEC Vice President. The Standardization Management Board (SMB) monitors and controls the technical work of the IEC. Dr. Sporer, is responsible for the internal and external standardization activities in the field of innovative technologies and digitalization in all areas of electrotechnical applications.

Statistik 2017

The following list provides an overview of the composition of our organization and our work:

  • Number of technical experts in VDE|DKE: 9062
  • Number of national meetings: 805
  • Number of committees: 1270

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