Translation management

We translate international and European standards from English into German for users of standards in Germany. In the translation management project, we use a database that stores translated and approved texts in both languages so that the content can be reused in similar or different contexts. This raises the efficiency of our extensive translation projects. The quality of the texts is improved through the use of consistent terminology.


Martina Rischer
Hans-Günter Göring


An important and labour-intensive standardization step in Germany is translating the English content prior to its publication as a German standard.

A translation management system is used which stores translated content in translation memories and then automatically retrieves it when the content is reused. This reduces the translation effort involved in cases where documents are re-used, e.g. from draft to finished standard, or when revising standards.

The aim is also to improve the quality of translation.

Results to date

Within the project the DKE collaborates with translation service providers that use a so-called translation management system (TMS), overseen by the DKE. The resulting translation memory compares sentences and sentence segments with existing and previously translated content.

Recent developments

  • Better TMS integration
  • Further optimization of process flows
  • Connection to the Content Management System already selected