Online standardization

There are many process steps and media discontinuities in the current system for drafting standards. Documents are repeatedly sent, processed and forwarded by e-mail. Comment tables are created, sent, consolidated, re-sent, discussed and incorporated into other documents. The many process steps cause long processing and waiting periods. Is this the future of standardization?


DKE Deutsche Kommission Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik in DIN und VDE


Our goal is to create a system which results in faster standard production, continuous improvement of content, as well as national and international collaboration between experts.

Standards should in future be written and commented on collaboratively – online. This will make the creation process simpler, faster and easier for everyone involved to use. This optimization will make it possible to develop and publish standards in a shorter space of time.

Results to date

In the pilot project, various committees worked on different documents. This work provided the basis for adding further detail and improvements to the list of requirements. Functions which are important for standardization were identified. The project and the findings were also presented at the IEC General Meeting 2016 and discussed with the IEC community.

The experts involved in the pilot project particularly appreciated the possibility of working jointly on documents, of viewing any changes, and the many opportunities for comments and discussion.

Recent developments

The latest findings are currently being introduced into European and international working groups, which should help speed up the roll-out.