Tunisian delegation visits VDE|DKE in Frankfurt

Tunisian delegation visits VDE|DKE in Frankfurt

| Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
2019-08-07 short info

Tunisian delegation expresses great interest in standards and tests for photovoltaic arrays

From June 23 to 29, 2019, the Tunisian delegation visited Germany. The goal was to learn more about the photovoltaics sector. VDE|DKE offered its expertise, providing information about norms and standards for PV modules as well as the testing of PV inverters.


Nadine Petermann

How is the photovoltaics sector organized in Germany? Which measures are being pursued in order to guarantee the quality and sustainability of PV-installations? These and many other questions were the focus of a week-long study trip by the Tunisian delegation, which took place from June 23 to 29, 2019 in Braunschweig, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Participants were representatives from various Tunisian institutions, all of existential importance to the establishment and development of an efficient quality infrastructure in the Tunisian PV sector. The institutions represented in the delegation include

  • the energy agency ANME,
  • the electricity and gas company STEG,
  • the Ministry of Industry and Energy MIPME,
  • the Ministry of Commerce,
  • the Consumer Protection Organization ODC,
  • the Institute for Standardization and Certification INNORPI,
  • the industrial association for photovoltaics CSPV and
  • the PV testing laboratory CETIME

The goal of the study trip was to demonstrate to the delegation participants how various QI institutions in Germany are positioned in the PV sector: What accountability do they have and how do they interact? Which duties do they perform? And what requirements exist for the photovoltaics quality infrastructure in order to ensure the quality of PV arrays and to increase the confidence of end users in the technology?

All these factors can contribute to the sustainable development of photovoltaics in Tunisia. The study trip was organized through the close cooperation of two projects, "Strengthening the quality infrastructure for photovoltaics" of the PTB and "Strengthening the solar market" of the GiZ – on behalf of the BMZ.

After their visit to Braunschweig and Berlin, Frankfurt am Main was on the agenda. While Alexander Nollau from the DKE gave a presentation on the most important norms and standards for PV arrays, Holger Kühlmeyer from VDE Renewables explained all the important details of testing PV inverters.

Building on the experience of this trip, an ad-hoc group is to be established. The goal of the ad-hoc group is to discuss what the introduction of photovoltaic module testing could look like in Tunisia.