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2019-02-13 short info

Standards roadmap on ethics and AI planned

In a project sponsored by the BMWi, DIN and DKE are developing a standardization roadmap entitled "Ethical aspects in standardization for artificial intelligence in autonomous machines and vehicles".


Johannes Koch
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How are ethical aspects taken into account when using artificial intelligence in autonomous machines? – How so in autonomous vehicles? What are the similarities and differences?

How theoretical philosophy can be incorporated into practical application and what contribution standards can make in this regard is discussed in this project led by DIN und DKE and funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. During the project a roadmap will be developed together with experts from industry, research and politics. Several workshops will be held focusing on the following core topics:

  • How can ethical rules be incorporated into the standardization of technology, processes and services or requirements for these?
  • How can standardization of comparison and evaluation options be carried out in order to make compliance with ethical rules in the use of AI as well as decisions based on them comprehensible and verifiable?
  • Which standardization requirements exist with regard to the design of the man-machine interface when using AI-based semi-autonomous systems, e.g. regarding the requirements and criteria for a transfer of responsibility taking into account ethical rules.

The project runs from November 2018 to April 2020.